Invoice is a list of products sent or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these. In short, it is a bill.


{primary} First, make sure you are logged in.

How to add an invoice

  1. At Invoice page , click new-invoice-button

  2. Select customer by clicking inv-new-customer-button

  3. Fill in the necessary fields marked (*). Some explanation of the fields are as such:

    Field Description
    Customer (required) Indicates this invoice is belongs to the selected customer
    Invoice Date (required) The date that this invoice is issued
    Due Date (required) The date that this invoice is due
    Invoice Number (required) A running number for invoice with prefix and auto-generated number configured at setting page, see Invoice Setting page
    Ref Number Optional reference number indicating the invoice
    Payment Term Indicates the conditions under which a vendor completes a sale.
    eg. 90 Days

    Note: Default value will get from customer's payment term
    Journal Type An entity where it groups the transaction record in selected type, see bottom of Journal Type Setting to configure.
    Notes Optional field to be added additional notes
    Templates (required) and automatically filled field, can be configured at templates settings , see How to use template editor
    Discount Optional field, fixed amount or percentage formats available.
    Add Tax Optional field, can be selected from list of taxes or create a new tax by clicking on quotation-add-new-tax, see How to add new tax
  4. Products & services and its price are required fields. Select one/multiple quotation products & services, adjust the amount if necessary.


    If none of the products & services is desired or if the list is empty, click on the text field following by quotation-add-product-service-button to add a new product & service.
    Please refer to How to add Products & Services for instructions on how to add a new product & service.

    {info} You can add more products by clicking [ Add a Product & Service]

  5. Save invoice save-new-invoice-button or
    By selecting quotation-save-and-send-button, the invoice will be saved and sent to the client's email

{success} Done 🎉 You can view your new invoice at Invoice page .

How to filter invoices

  1. Click on filter-invoice-button
  2. Fill up the filter(s) you need:

    {info} Changes will automatically applied

    Field Type Description
    Customer Dropdown with Search Customer name
    Status Dropdown Invoice status:
    Draft, Due, Sent, Viewed, Overdue, Completed

    Paid Status:
    Unpaid, Paid, Partially Paid
    From Date Invoice which dated from this date onwards
    To Date Invoice which dated before this date
    Invoice Number Text Invoice number which matched Invoice's table NUMBER column

Methods to reset filter

  1. Click Clear All at filter fields area.
  2. Remove the value you have inserted, it will recognized it as no filter input.

How to export invoices

Export Invoices in multiple formats (xlsx, csv)

{primary} You can only export invoices after the table is rendered

  1. At Invoice page , click export-invoice-button
  2. Select export option.
  3. Confirm the export, filtered status will be displayed as such

{info} Invoice table filters can be applied to export module as well. Full list of filters can refer filter list

Export Single Invoice (pdf)

Method 1: via. Invoice's table
  1. At Invoice page , click on triple dots at the right most column.
  2. Click invoice-download-button
  3. The download will begin.

Method 2: via. Invoice view

  1. At Invoice page , click on triple dots at the right most column.
  2. Click invoice-view-button to view.
  3. At view page, click on top right corner's triple dots button green-triple-dots
  4. Click invoice-download-button to begin download.
    • (alt.) Or, move your mouse over the pdf display, click the download icon on the appearing top bar chrome-download-button

How to send invoice to customer

Method 1: via. Invoice's table
  1. At Invoice page , click on triple dots at the right most column.
  2. Click invoice-send-button
  3. Click quotation-send-now on the confirm message.

    {info} Options on recipient, PDF attachment, copy to myself can be modified before sending in step 3

Method 2: via. Invoice view
  1. At Invoice page , click quotation-view-button to view.
  2. Click invoice-send-invoice-button to send invoice.
  3. Sending options are to be referred to step 3 in Method 1.

{success} An email is sent to customer with link to view invoice PDF in both methods 1 and 2

Additional setting

You can setup your 'reply to' email address by following steps:

  1. Go to Settings page
  2. Then go to Notifications subpage
  3. Fill in your 'reply to' email address at [Send Notifications to] field
  4. Click green-save-button

How to make payment to invoices

Method 1: via. Invoice table

  1. At Invoice page , click on triple dots at the right most column.
  2. Click invoice-row-pay-invoice
  3. A payment form will pop up, your invoice is auto filled, then fill up the necessary fields marked (*)

Method 2: via. Payments screen

{info} Refer to Payment - How to make payment to invoice

How to setup an Invoice Due Reminder Schedule

{info} Prerequisite: create an invoice

  1. Click on Edit. invoice-edit-button
  2. At edit page, click invoice-set-reminder-email
  3. Check one of the option and click Save

Clone Invoice

If your invoice input seem repetitive, you could use clone feature to haste your work.

  1. Pick one invoice, and click on triple dots on right most column.
  2. Click on invoice-clone-button
  3. Click [Ok] to confirm the message.

{success} A new invoice is created and shall redirect you to edit page.
You can continue your workflow, or adjust necessary information and click save-new-invoice-button

{info} Only Invoice Number is different, it is incremented by 1, the other fields remain the same.

Recurring Invoice

At some point, you may need to generate the same invoice weekly/monthly/yearly, in this case, you could use system's recurring invoice feature to do so.

  1. Pick one invoice, and click on triple dots on right most column.
  2. Click on Edit. invoice-edit-button
  3. At edit page, click on invoice-recurring-button
  4. Fill up the settings.
    Field Description
    Run Recurring Invoice A switch to enable/disable recurring invoice
    Automatically create invoice on every select one of options: Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
    On Day Invoice recurred at which day of the week.
    applicable only for option: Weekly
    On Date Invoice recurred at which date of the month.
    applicable only for option: Monthly, Yearly
    On Month Invoice recurred at which month of the year.
    applicable only for option: Yearly
    End Date (optional) Recurring Invoice schedule will end at set date.
    Send this invoice to customer's email address once created Optional field to be enabled if clients are to be sent email regarding invoice created
  5. Click green-save-button Done 🎉