Indicates the costs incurred in your business, ie. salary, goods, rental, etc.

How to add expense

  1. Go to Expense page
  2. Click on expense-add-button
  3. Fill up the necessary fields marked (*).

    Field Description
    Name The client's name/company's name who made payment
    Associated Account Associated Account is linked to Chart of Accounts, can be created at Chart of Account , see How to create a new account

    Or click expense-add-category in the dropdown menu of the field
    Expense Number Automatically filled field. Can be modify manually or configure at Expense setting
    Date The date of this expense is being issued
    Amount The amount of money spent on this expense
    Note Extra information regarding this expense
    Receipt An upload field for receipt as proof of expense evidence, only JPG, JPEG, PNG and PDF allowed.
  4. Save pending expense expense-save-pending or save completed expense expense-save-completed

Create Category at expense creation view

  1. At Expense create page , or edit page
  2. Click on Associated Account field for dropdown options.
  3. Click on expense-add-category
  4. Fill up the Associated Account(Chart of Account) fields and save it

    {success} You can check the newly created Chart of Account at its page

How to filter expense

  1. At Expense page
  2. Click on expense-filter-button
  3. Fill up the filter(s) you need:

    {info} Changes will automatically applied

    Field Type Description
    Category Dropdown Category name from Chart of Accounts
    From Date Date Expenses which dated from this date onwards
    To Date Date Expenses which dated before this date

    Methods to reset filter

    1. Click Clear All at filter fields area.
    2. Remove the value you have inserted, it will recognized it as no filter input.