You can manage single/multiple companies in this system, each entity data is segregated by company identity.

How to add company

  1. At Company page

  2. Click company-add-button

  3. Fill up necessary information marked (*).

    Field Type Description
    Name Required. Company name
    Mail from address Required. The email address that would be sent to when invoice is sent
  4. Optional. Click on Additional Setting to set for more customization options.
    E.g. Invoice Prefix, Payment Prefix, display formatting, etc.

    {info} All fields are required if additional setting is to be saved

  5. Click company-save-button

{info} Please refer to Setting on How to do Customization setting and How to do Preferences setting

How to filter company

  1. At Company page
  2. Click company-filter-button
  3. Fill in the field Name to filter.

    {info} Changes will automatically applied

Methods to reset filter

  1. Click Clear All at filter fields area.
  2. Remove the value you have inserted, it will recognized it as no filter input.

How to switch company

  1. On top bar, click company-switch-button
  2. On the form, switch to desire company, then click Switch

    {info} Once switched, you can only view and modify the company's data that you had switched to.

How to edit company

  1. At Company page , click on company-edit-button
  2. Make changes as desired.
    Refer to How to add company for details in Required fields.

How to delete company

  1. At Company page , click on company-delete-button
  2. Click Ok to confirm delete action.

    {warning} The deleted supplier is not able to be recovered