Products & Services

Indicate the items provided in your business nature. Can be used when issue invoice.

How to add Products & Services

  1. Go to Products & Services page
  2. Click on item-add-button
  3. Fill in the necessary fields marked (*)

    Field Description
    Name Product / Service name
    Price The amount of money requires for single quantity of this Product / Service
    Unit The mode of measurement of the Product / Service (you can create a new unit at the dropdown option, or create at unit setting page )
    Project The Product / Service which linked to any project
    Description The information for the Product / Service
    We buy / sell Indicates whether the Product in the invoice is being buy in or sell out
    Associated Account The item that related to the Chart of Account
  4. Save Products & Services item-save-button

How to filter Products & Services

  1. Go to Products & Services page
  2. Click on item-filter-button
  3. Fill up the filter(s) you need:

    {info} Changes will automatically applied

    Field Type Description
    Name Text The name of the product / service
    Unit Dropdown The unit of the product / service
    Price Text The exact amount of the price

    Methods to reset filter

    1. Click Clear All at filter fields area.
    2. Remove the value you have inserted, it will recognized it as no filter input.