Indicates the client of this account, who shall be receiving invoice issuance and payment receipt from your account.

How to add customer

  1. Go to Customer page

  2. Click on customer-add-button

  3. Fill in the necessary fields marked (*). Some explanation of the fields are as such:

    Field Description
    Debtor Code a.k.a. Customer Number, is a running number to identity customer with prefix configured and auto-generated number at setting page, see Customer Setting page
    Email Customer's email address, which will receive invoice and payment receipt for further action
    Payment Term The conditions under which a vendor completes a sale, eg. 90 Days
    also act as default value of payment term when creating invoice
  4. Click on customer-save-button

Customer Details

  1. At Customer page table, click on triple dots on the right most column. customer-table-dropdown
  2. Click view button customer-view-button


There are 3 cards, ie:

1. Customer Profile
2. Customer Invoice Aging
3. Customer Invoices

1. Customer Profile

Additional field explanation are as such:

Field Description
Open Invoices The quantity of invoices which is not Fully Paid
Open Credit The total amount of money which is overpaid
Last Payment At Date that customer made the latest payment
Registered At Date that this customer is created

2. Customer Invoice Aging

At here, customer aging is displayed as tiles


{info} You can click the tile to expand more details: The open invoices that belongs to the selected tile


3. Customer Invoices

{info} The same table structure from invoice's screen, but will only show customer's invoices.