Quotation act as a formal statement setting out the estimated cost for a particular product or service. In our system, quotation can to convert to an invoice, which eliminate manual invoice creation by referring quotation information.

How to add a quotation

  1. Go to Quotation page

  2. Click on quotation-add-button

  3. Fill in the necessary fields marked (*). Some explanation of the fields are as such:

    Field Description
    Customer (required) Indicates this quotation is belongs to the selected customer
    Quotation Date (required) The date that this quotation is issued
    Due Date (required) The date that this quotation is due
    Quotation Number (required) A running number for quotation with prefix and auto-generated number configured at setting page, see Quotation Setting page
    Ref Number Additional reference number indicating the invoice
  4. Select one/multiple quotation products & services, adjust the amount if necessary.


    {info} You can add new product by clicking [ Add a Product & Service]

  5. Save Quotation quotation-save-button

How to filter quotations

  1. Click on filter-quotation-button
  2. Fill up the filter(s) you need:

    {info} Changes will automatically applied

    Field Type Description
    Customer Dropdown with Search Customer name
    Status Dropdown Quotation status:
    Draft, Sent, Viewed, Expired, Accepted, Rejected
    From Date Quotation which dated from this date onwards
    To Date Quotation which dated before this date
    Quotation Number Text Quotation number which matched Quotation's table QUOTATION column

Methods to reset filter

  1. Click Clear All at filter fields area.
  2. Remove the value you have inserted, it will recognized it as no filter input.

How to export quotation

Export Single Quotation (pdf)

Method 1: via. Quotation's table
  1. At Quotation page , click on triple dots at the right most column.
  2. Click quotation-download-button
  3. The download will begin.

Method 2: via. Quotation view
  1. At Quotation page , click on triple dots at the right most column.
  2. Click quotation-view-button to view.
  3. At view page, click on top right corner's triple dots button green-triple-dots
  4. Click quotation-download-button to begin download.
    • (alt.) Or, move your mouse over the pdf display, click the download icon on the appearing top bar chrome-download-button

How to send quotation to customer

  1. At Quotation page , click on triple dots at the right most column.
  2. Click quotation-send-button
  3. Click [Ok] on the confirm message.

    {success} An email is sent to customer with link to view quotation PDF

Additional setting

You can setup your 'reply to' email address by following steps:

  1. Go to Settings page
  2. Then go to Notifications subpage
  3. Fill in your 'reply to' email address at [Send Notifications to *] field
  4. Click green-save-button

How to convert quotation into invoice

{info} Get ready a quotation first, refer create quotation

  1. At Quotation page , click on triple dots at the right most column.
  2. Click quotation-mark-accepted-button to view.
  3. Click [Ok] on the confirm message.

    {success} Done 🎉 You can view your converted invoice at Invoice page .