What is DuitCount

DuitCount.my is a Cloud-Based e-Invoicing App which caters to all kinds of users from small business owners, freelancers to accountants.

DuitCount supports sales processes: Quotation > Invoicing > Payments, and provides users with expenses tracking and accounting reports.


{success} You can navigate to Reports and Settings to adjust to suit your needs.

🍸 Especially the dynamic template editor, see video examples *cheers*

How to report Bugs

{info} As we are currently in Beta testing, do expect bugs/problems during your usage, we are committed in fixing bugs as soon as they are found, your reports are much appreciated.

  1. Click on the Chat icon on the bottom right of your screen support-button
  2. Describe your issue in detailed to our Customer Support, if possible provide a screenshot.
  3. Our team shall response to you within the business day itself and if it's a confirmed bug, it will be resolved withint 1-2 business day depending on severity.
  4. You can also provide feedback through this chat.