Chart of Accounts

Indicates listing of the names of accounts that a company has identified and made available for recording transactions in its general ledger

How to add Chart of Account

  1. Go to Account page

  2. Click account-add-button

  3. Fill in the necessary fields marked (*)

    Field Description
    Name Name of the account
    Code A code to identify the account
    Description The explanation regarding to this account
    Account Type The type that will match all same type and display properly in the report as shown:
    Special Acc Type Usage for AutoCount, assigning Special Account Type to an account permits that account to carry out a special function in AutoCount.
  4. Save Account account-save-button

How to filter Chart of Account

  1. Go to Account page
  2. Click on account-filter-button
  3. Fill up the filter(s) you need:

    {info} Changes will automatically applied

    Field Type Description
    Code Text Account's code
    Name Text Account's name
    Account Type Dropdown with Search Account type options

    Methods to reset filter

    1. Click Clear All at filter fields area.
    2. Remove the value you have inserted, it will recognized it as no filter input.